For information and photos from Double Thai Day 2016 click here.

  1. What Day is the Event?
    Saturday Aug. 26th 2017

  2. Where is the Event?
    Bare Hands Brewery
    South Bend Taproom  (outside)

  3. What time is the Event?
    Gates will open at Noon and last call is at 8:30pm, event ends at 9pm

  4. Where do we park?
    Parking is available all throughout downtown South Bend. We recommend taking public transportation when available.

  5. Do I need tickets?
    Yes, Ticket will be available only online. Bottle allotment sales will end August 1st. GA tickets can be bought online up until the event or at the gate the day of the event.

  6. When will tickets go on sale?
    Tickets go on sale at the beginning of Indiana's First Craft Beer Week, Saturday April 22nd @ 12pm EST
    Bottle Allotment Tickets are available until sold out.
    GA and DD tickets maybe purchased the day of the event (subject to availability)

  7. How much are tickets?
    There are 5 different ticket options and they are as follows:
    Designated Driver that includes admission to the event for $15.00 + Service fees
    General Admission that includes 1 beer ticket and admission to the event for $20.00 + Service fees
    2 Bottles + 1 Variant that includes 2 x Double Thai.P.A. 22oz Bottles + 1 x 22oz Variant + Event Snifter + 1 Beer Tickets + Admission to event for $75.00 + Service fees
    4 Bottles + 2 Variants that includes 4 x Double Thai.P.A. 22oz Bottles + 2 x 22oz Variant + Event Snifter + 2 Beer Tickets + Admission to event for $125.00 + Service fees
    4 Bottles + 5 Variants that includes 4 x Double Thai.P.A. 22oz Bottles + 5 x 22oz Variant + Event Snifter + 2 Beer Tickets + Admission to event for $165.00 + Service fees

  8. How many tickets with bottle allotments may I purchase?
    You may purchase 2 Tickets that include bottle allotments, however bottle limits are per person, not per ticket. You should only buy as many tickets as you need for parties attending the event. You may not double your allotment by buying 2 tickets. All tickets are electronic. When you buy a bottle allotment ticket you will get a gate ticket that shows the ticket type you bought.

  9. Do I need to bring my ticket if I ordered it online?
    Your tickets may be printed or setup on your smartphone for check-in. You must have your ticket with you at the gate. If you bought multiple tickets make sure each person has their specific ticket.

  10. Will tickets be individualized?
    Yes, when you checkout you will be asked for each attendee's name.

  11. Are all sales final?
    Yes, all ticket sales are final, however if you cannot attend you may transfer your ticket see below.

  12. I purchased the wrong allotment ticket may I change it?
    All sales are final however you may transfer the ticket into another persons name and purchase the correct ticket. (subject to availability) See the next question for info on how to transfer a ticket.

  13. I cannot attend may I transfer my ticket to someone else?
    Yes you may do this in your Universe dashboard. See this link for details.

  14. What does a Door/General Admission ticket get me?
    General Admission tickets include entry to the beer/music event and 1 beer ticket. If you want to receive bottles of Double Thai.P.A. or their variants you must purchase tickets that includes a bottle allotment online ahead of the event. (subject to limited quantities). Other Bare Hands Brew Bottles and Cans will be available for sale during the event however.

  15. Do I need my ID?
    Yes this event is 21+

  16. I am not drinking do I still have to pay to enter the event?
    Designated driver tickets will be available for $15. Plenty of food and other Non-Alcoholic drinks will be available.

  17. Why is there a charge for Designated Driver Tickets?
    Entry fees are what helps us secure bands and food vendors so we have the best accommodations since this is not only a beer festival it is a music festival as well!

  18. Will I be guaranteed Double Thai.P.A?
    Only those who purchase a ticket that includes a bottle allotment and collect their allotment by 7pm on Aug 26th will be able to receive Double Thai.P.A. Bare Hands Brewery cannot hold bottles to be picked up at a later date nor can we replace broken or lost bottles.

  19. What are the Variants included in the tickets?
    Double Dry Hopped Double Thai:
    We took our regular double thai and switched up the dry hopping process. We dry hopped with mosaic and citra hops and then, did it twice! The result is big tropical and juicy hop aromas that attempt to overpower the Thai citrus spices.

    Mango Coconut Thai:
    A thai style beer featuring a large amount of rice in the grist combined with brown sugar, fresh Mangos, and organic coconut flakes.

    Thai Peanut:
    Lemongrass, lime leaves, Thai bird chiles, peanut butter, brown sugar, rice, 2-row barley.

    Thai Haze DIPA:
    A double IPA brewed with Thai spices and fermented with a specialty yeast strain. We added large additions of Mosaic and Citra hops post boil as well as during and after fermentation to infuse big hop aromas and flavors. 

    Thai Milkshake DIPA:
    A Double IPA brewed with milk sugar, thai spices, mango, strawberry and vanilla bean.

  20. Will I be able to choose my variant?
    We will do our best to get you a variant of your liking but cannot be guaranteed, Variant picks are first come first serve.

  21. Will you have other bottles and cans for sale?
    In addition to Double Thai.P.A., we will also have Thai.P.A. as well as other offerings from Bare Hands Brewery only!

  22. I really wanted an allotment but I didn't preorder can I still get Double Thai?
    If you have a general admission ticket you may upgrade your ticket while supplies last. The upgrade is the difference of the original ticket to the allotment of your choice. No individual bottle sales will occur unless you are a 4+5 ticket holder at which point extra bottles are $15 a piece. You will still be subject to the same 2 variant max per person.

  23. Can I receive my bottles and return back for them later?
    Bottle pickup will be from Noon to 7pm, your bottle amounts are reserved, you will not miss out on getting your bottles unless you cannot arrive by 7pm.

    We are doing pick up little bit different this year. To speed the line we will forgo using a secondary ticket for the bottles as we did last year. You will need yourself, your photo ID and your gate ticket to pick up your bottles. Everyones bottles will be pre sorted and tagged for you. If you purchased the 4+5 option you will get one of each variant. All other option will have their allotment randomly selected. If you would like to choose your variant please be to the event early so you may swap from any remaining stock. (qty limited and while supply lasts) 

    **Any allotment holder including the 4+5 option may swap a variant however no one person may walk away with more then 2 of a single variant. (selection is subject to remaining stock)

    **If you do not collect your bottles by 7pm you will forfeit your allotment as we will not have pickup available once the bottle line closes. Please come prepared!

  24. Is there a limit to the number of Double Thai.P.A. I can receive?
    Yes. Tickets that include bottle allotments of Double Thai.P.A. and their variants are strict limits. See your ticket options for availability.

  25. What do I need to bring to the bottle allotment line?
    You will need yourself, a photo ID and your entry ticket either paper or via your phone.

  26. Will Double Thai.P.A. be on tap during the event for consumption?
    Yes as well as variants and anyone who has an admission ticket to the event will have a chance to purchase Double Thai.P.A. and variants on draft!

  27. What other beers will be on tap during the event?
    Taxman- Sour Exemption
    Burn Em'- a Surprise Sour?
    Black Acre- Original Intent
    18th Street- Drew told us something 🔥?
    Scarlet Lane-TBD
    Elm Street- Peach/blueberry/vanilla milkshake sour
    Central State- TBD

  28. Will other breweries be pouring beer at the event?

  29. Will there be a rain check if the weather is bad?
    This event is rain or shine!

  30. How much are beers during the event?
    All beers are $5 and are redeemed via a single Double Thai Day Ticket
    Beers are broken into 3 tiers:
    Tier 1 - 16oz pour
    Tier 2 - 12oz pour
    Tier 3 - 10oz pour

  31. Who is playing music during the event?
    12:00pm-1:30pm The Paul Erdman Band
    1:45pm-2:45pm After Ours
    2:55pm-3:45pm The Beat
    4:00pm-5:00pm Hey Annie
    5:15pm-6:15pm Innerstate Transit
    6:30pm-9:00pm Earphorik

  32. Will there be food at the event?
    Yes, vendors include:
    La Margarita of Indianapolis
    The Wiener Shack
    The Waffle Wagon
    One Fourteen

  33. Will there be vendors at the festival?
    Yes, vendors include:
    Boho Pretty
    Reaction Games
    More TBD

  34. Is this a cash only event?
    No, we will also be accepting all major credit cards at beer ticket stations and merchandise lines, Food vendors also have their own policy on payment options. Please see above regarding food vendors. We suggest if you want to tip for great service that you bring cash, but your always welcome to tip when you purchase beer or water tickets with a CC as well. Keep in mind many of our workers will be generous volunteers as we cannot carry out an event like this with our staff alone!

  35. Do food vendors except Credit Cards?
    La Margarita of Indianapolis - Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express
    The Wiener Shack - Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express
    Others TBD

  36. Can my children come?
    This is a 21+ event. So sure if they are over 21.

  37. Can I bring my dog or other pet?
    Although we are animal lovers, we ask that you refrain from bringing your pets due to the large attendance that we anticipate. Only official service animals will be allowed inside the festival.

  38. Is there lodging nearby?
    Downtown South Bend and surrounding areas offer many hotel options.

    We recommend parking at your hotel and getting an Uber to the Event it will cost you probably less then $10 and if you haven't used Uber before You can get your first ride (up to $15 off) on us. Just click here.

  39. Can I bring beer for trade/sharing?
    Due to Indiana State Excise laws we cannot allow beer to be brought into the festival. Trust us there will be plenty of varieties of brew to be had at the event! Thank you for understanding.

  40. Are there prohibited items?
    Common sense folks. We all want to have fun - no weapons, grills, or coolers. This isn’t a frat party! Just bring yourself and any accommodations you require for health reasons and we will bring the fresh beer, food and music!

  41. May we leave and reenter the festival grounds?
    You may exit and return only if you have your wristband and hand stamped before you leave the event.

  42. Is there a Festival Map?
    Coming Soon

  43. Can we have growlers filled of the beers on tap during the event?
    Due to the number of attendees expected we cannot offer growler fills on this day. Also our Tap Room will be closed. We will have plenty of brews to offer for to-go and to consume on site. So come enjoy the Music, Food, Beer and Friends!

    Also our Granger Taproom will be closed during our the event.

  44. What are the Taproom hours leading up to and after Double Thai.P.A. Day?

  45. Questions?
    Online ticket purchase support? Click Here
    Double Thai.P.A. Day General Info? info@barehandsbrew.com