• Bare Hands Brewery (map)
  • 12804 Sandy Court
  • Granger, IN, 46530
  • United States

200 maximum tickets sold with 50/50 or better odds. $15 per 22oz bottle. Lottery Winners will be notified no later then December 20th. Bottle pickup is between Dec 23rd-Jan 3rd. 

**100 bottles available
**Limit 5 entries per person. Any addional will not be entered into lottery.

**If you fail to purchase your bottle allotment it will be released to the general public.

**Bottle allotment will be based on the ticket amounts sold while keeping the 50/50 or better odds.
Example if exactly 100 tickets sell bottle allotment will be 2.
and if more then 100 and less then 200 are sold the difference will be raffled off amongst the first winning 100.
If under 100 tickets sold everyone will be guaranteed a bottle and the remainder will be raffled to all ticket holders.